Real Estate Marketing

(January 06, 2017 )

I would think that after almost 20 years of running my own companies marketing would come naturally to me but it's still not an easy task for me.  I think it's the fact that there's just way too many options out there and way too many opinions on which is the right and the wrong way to market yourself in Real Estate on the Sunshine Coast.  You have the old school way, blanket mail outs, otherwise known as fishing because you're throwing out a whole bunch of bait and hoping to catch a bite.  I decided to try this route in my home town of Halfmoon Bay, BC including Secret Cove and Redrooffs.  I figured it was a good way to remind those who already know me that I'm now a licensed Real Estate Agent and to let those who barely know me or don't know me at all that I exist.  I'm passionate about Halfmoon Bay and I know the market well so I thought this concentrated area was a good place to start.  I started with a Halloween mail out where I gave away Free Pumpkins.  My in-laws live in Cloverdale and every year their local Real Estate Agent drops a pumpkin off at their front door but since most properties are large and spaced out in Halfmoon Bay I decided to get our local nursery - Halfmoon Bay Nursery involved and have people pick their pumpkins up there.  This worked out well, too well in fact and I ran out of pumpkins quickly so I had to scramble and buy more pumpkins.  I'm pretty sure there's a few unhappy people out there who didn't get a pumpkin which is never good for business.  Then in December I decided to give away something that was less expensive and wouldn't run out so I approached Tim and Kristen at the Welcome Woods Market and they agreed to help me give away a free small coffee or hot chocolate over the month of December.  Even with the extremely cold weather this turned out to be not even close to successful as the pumpkin give away.